Grade Placement

A child’s grade level placement should allow for success academically and socially in the best way possible.

The placement of new students is based on three factors:

  • The age of the student as of 15th August
  • An assessment/interview
  • A record of previous school experience/grades

The school has the right, in some circumstances, to place children at a grade outside their age range if this is seen as necessary for the child’s academic and social success. The criteria for advancement to the next grade level are based on two factors: Firstly, whether the classroom teacher, in consultation with the programme coordinator, evaluates that the student has met the requirements of his/her present grade curriculum; and secondly, how effectively he/she will meet the following grade’s curriculum.

The age requirements for each grade are shown below:

Pre-K3: 3+ years (children must be toilet trained before joining the class)
Pre-K4: 4+ years
Kindergarten class: 5+ years
Grade 1 (PYP1): 6+ years
Grade 2 (PYP2): 7+ years
Grade 3 (PYP3): 8+ years
Grade 4 (PYP4): 9+ years
Grade 5 (PYP5): 10+ years
Grade 6 (MYP1): 11+ years
Grade 7 (MYP2): 12+ years
Grade 8 (MYP3): 13+ years
Grade 9 (MYP4): 14+ years
Grade 10 (MYP 5): 15+ years
Grade 11 (DP 1): 16+ years
Grade 12 (DP 2): 17+ years