Purpose of the ISH Scholarships

  • To provide financial assistance to ISH students in their studies
  • To encourage and support academic excellence
  • To recognize student leadership and non-curricular achievements


Internal Applicants
Candidates who meet the initial criteria will be invited for an assessment and/or interview. To be considered, students need to be entering MYP 5 (Grade 10) or above. Students who are successful in their applications will be awarded 25%, 50%, 75% or a full scholarship, which will cover the school fees for a year. Scholarship students are welcome to reapply for a new scholarship for the upcoming year, each year.

External Applicants
Scholarship applications for external applicants (students who do not currently attend International School of Hellerup) are accepted at any time during the year and will be processed for a final decision within one month of receipt. The start date for external students will be determined on an individual basis. To be considered, students need to be entering MYP 5 (Grade 10) or above. The scholarship committee will determine the level of scholarship award, which could be 25%, 50%, 75% or a full scholarship. External applicants can apply all year round.

Scholarship Criteria:
Students applying for scholarships should show a range of advanced analytical, critical and creative thinking skills essential to achieving success in the MYP and DP. Scholarship candidates should show evidence of academic achievements and participation in extra-curricular activities both within and beyond the classroom.

The selection of a scholarship student is based on the following aspects of the student’s school performance: the student’s past academic performance as indicated by school reports, letters of recommendation* and interviews coordinated by the International School of Hellerup scholarship committee; the student’s ability to present him- or herself as a well-rounded individual who participates in activities and community service outside the school environment; the student’s leadership ability. Above all, ISH Scholarship students should be able to give thoughtful consideration to their own learning and development.

*Internal applicants should put a teacher as a referee instead of submitting a letter of recommendation

Continuing Requirements:
Once awarded, academic scholarship students are expected to maintain an exemplary standard in their academic pursuits and commitment to International School of Hellerup. It is compulsory for recipients to be active participants in school activities and community service initiatives throughout their time at the school. Scholarship students are expected to follow the International School of Hellerup code of conduct, as well as continue to demonstrate themselves as leaders within and outside the school community.

Personal Qualities
International School of Hellerup seeks applications from students with the attributes described in the IB learner profile, which demonstrates the ISH school values.

How to Apply:
Complete the Scholarship Application Form (see links below) in order to be considered for a scholarship. All applications should be emailed to the High School Principal, Melissa Christensen,  The title in the subject line should read “Application for Scholarship” and the school year you are applying for in the format "YYYY". Internal applicants should apply by February 10th, 12:00 noon.  External applicants can apply all year round.

Scholarship Application Form (pdf version)

Scholarship Application Form (word version)

Scholarship Committee
The ISH Scholarship Committee consists of the Deputy Head, the High School Principal, the IB Coordinator for Diploma Programme and the IB Coordinator for Middle Years Programme. The Scholarship Committee’s decisions are final.

Offer Process and Notification Confirmation
Students and their families will be advised in writing of the outcome of their applications.