After School Care Programme

The ASCP is an after school programme where children from Pre-K through PYP 4 can enrol for care and creative enrichment.  The ASCP is a dedicated children’s space where we experience learning, play, support and exploration in a collaborative environment. Activities are creatively based and self-expressive with a balance of imaginative play, visual art, crafts, drama, literature, sports and music.The ASCP is dedicated to the well-being of each child and works closely with the primary school teaching staff in order to provide the best experience for your child. Our aim is to provide opportunities for discovery in a warm and comfortable setting where attention is on children’s needs, ideas, interactions and awareness of their surroundings. We consider our programme to be a stepping stone between home and school. By placing your child in the ASCP, you ensure a flexible routine and primary supervision in the hours before and after school, as your family needs demand.

You can read more about our After School Care Programme in  the ASCP Parent Handbook. For details regarding the ASCP fees, please visit our fees page. If you have questions regarding the ASCP you are welcome to contact the ASCP Leader, Chiara Giani at


 To sign up for the After School Care Programme (ASCP), please click on the link below. 

ASCP Enrollment Form 

Use the form below to request changes to your child's After School Care Programme (ASCP) plan, whether you're switching from ASCP full-time to ASCP limited time or vice versa:

ASCP Plan Request Form

If you are signed up for the ASCP and would like to withdraw your child from the programme, please fill out the form linked below:

ASCP Withdrawal Form