The PTA is a volunteer organisation that support parents, teachers and students. We aim to nurture a positive relationship between home and school, to welcome and help our school community and to support initiatives that enrich school life and promotes a sense of community at ISH. Each class has its own PTA Representative (all parents are eligible for this role), and we have a PTA committee that helps with welcome activities and special events.

All ISH parents are automatically members of the PTA, and each family is required to pay an annual DKK 250,- PTA fee at the beginning of the school year, which is used to fund PTA initiatives and events throughout the year. In order to efficiently coordinate and carry out PTA projects, a PTA Committee is elected at the beginning of every school year. Read more about the PTA committee and other volunteer opportunities in the PTA here.

We hold monthly PTA meetings, where all parents are welcome to attend and take part in discussions about school-related issues together with participating teachers and student representatives.  Please see this page for dates of our upcoming PTA meetings. 

We encourage parents to become involved in the school community through the PTA. It is a fun and rewarding way to make friends, settle into your new community and help support the school in its aims to achieve the highest quality of education for your children.  Please join us at our next meeting or contact us at for more information.

There are many ways that ISH parents interact with each other and the school:

Classlist: At the International School of Hellerup, we us an app called Classlist as the main tool for parent-parent communication. Classlist is a free and fully GDPR-compliant app that will enable you to contact the other parents in your child’s class and stay informed about upcoming PTA events, ongoing PTA activities, and individual class updates. Classlist is completely free and it’s easy to get started:

  • Download the Classlist app on iOS or Android
  • Select “International School of Hellerup”
  • Sign up. You can choose what data to share with your fellow parents.

You can read more about Classlist here

ISH Community Facebook Group:  this is a private Facebook group managed by ISH parents and teachers. It is used as a place to share information about life in Denmark and post photos from community events. It is a great place to post any questions you may have about your transition to ISH – our friendly community will do their best to help:

ISH Loppemarked / Buy/Sell/Swap: this is a private Buy and Sell Facebook group for families enrolled at ISH:

International School of Hellerup – Parent’s Network:  this is a private Facebook group, managed by ISH parents, for ISH families that are interested in connecting outside school-hours. Join the group to see invites for parent coffee mornings and other events. groups/221611831591103/

International School of Hellerup – Alumni Group: this is the International School of Hellerup Alumni Facebook Group. ISH will use this group to communicate with alumni and plan alumni events. “Alumni” includes YIS graduates and past students and faculty.

We also encourage you to follow/like the school Facebook page ( and Instagram account ( to receive regular photos updates and comments showcasing school life at ISH.