Class Parents

The role of the Class parent is to facilitate parents and students getting to know each other better and to act as a link between the PTA and the class they represent. All ISH parents are eligible for this role and parents are encouraged to sign up at the beginning of the school year. The new Classlist app is your tool to contact other parents in the class in order to organise play dates and get-togethers. 

Class parents will meet online once a year along with the PTA Vice chair to discuss and agree upon some basic policies for each class such as teacher’s gifts and classroom birthdays.  

The responsibilities of a class parent include: 

  • Attending the class parent online meeting once a year (organised by the PTA committee).
  • Encouraging the parents in your class to sign up to the Classlist App. Classlist will automatically sort out the classes so parents can communicate directly with each other.
  • Organising at least one parent and/or family get-together each semester, either for the individual class or as a grade like a class picnic at a park or a weekend meet up at the beach or Deer Park.  The PTA Vice Chair will be available to help make suggestions if need be.  
  • Classroom/Field trip assistance: From time to time teachers may ask class parents to help coordinate parents to help either in their classroom or in class/grade field trips.
  • Class parents are encouraged to attend  PTA meetings and events to stay informed about school-wide initiatives and to provide input from their specific class or grade level.