Classlist App

Classlist App

We use an app called Classlist as the main tool for parent-parent communication at ISH. Classlist is a fully GDPR-compliant app that will enable you to contact the other parents in your child’s class and stay informed about upcoming PTA events, ongoing PTA activities, and individual class updates. Classlist is completely free and it’s easy to get started:

  • Download the Classlist app on iOS or Android
  • Select “International School of Hellerup”
  • Sign up. You can choose what data to share with your fellow parents

You can find lots of useful information and resources about how to download and use Classlist here

Classlist Features and Benefits

  • FREE app
  • The main place for ISH parents to share class info and invites for class events – make sure to sign up or you may miss important information!
  • Parents will be able to contact the other parents in their child’s class and put a face to a name. 
  • Classlist will keep you informed about upcoming PTA events, ongoing PTA activities, and individual class updates. 
  • The app features ways to post questions/ideas/responses to parents in your child’s class, form special interest groups, as well as RSVP or volunteer for PTA events.   
  • Classlist is a fully GDPR-compliant and is already being used successfully by parents in thousands of other schools worldwide. You can share as much or as little contact information with other parents as you like, and can even keep your own email address private whilst still receiving messages.  
  • Classlist will NOT replace official emails from the school on Managebac or information from teachers on Seesaw (PYP only).  
  • Classlist can eventually replace parent Facebook and Whatsapp groups.

If you have any questions or concerns about Classlist, don’t hesitate to email us at 

School communities vary enormously. They’re influenced by culture, location, tradition and social economics. But there are characteristics that all strong school communities share. These schools have forged a positive partnership between staff and parents; parents contribute in meaningful ways to the school and the subsequent increase in family engagement helps to support better educational outcomes for students.   

Harvard University Business School and Oxford University Parent Engagement Fund