The Early Years at ISH adheres to the pedagogical curriculum according to the Danish Day Care Act and accompanying executive order, as prescribed by the Ministry of Children and Social Affairs: The strengthened pedagogical curriculum, Framework and Content,2018.

This framework contains all the legal requirements for the pedagogical curriculum.

The pedagogical curriculum provides the framework and common direction for the pedagogical work with the children's well-being, learning, development and education, where play is fundamental and the children's perspective is clear.

Our Early Years curriculum at ISH (developed through the IB PYP curriculum), is also designed to meet the requirements to plan, follow up and further develop the quality of the pedagogical learning environment according to the Danish guidelines. Please click here to view Units of Inquiry for each grade level from Pre-K through Grade 5.

Here is the Common Pedagogical Foundation, and the Six Curriculum Themes, of the strengthened pedagogical curriculum framework:

Eearly Years Common Pedagogical Foundation Graphic

Our latest pedagogical curriculum under this framework is available here.

You can find all the reports of the Børnehave inspections, observations, and evaluations here.

You can read our Early Years Action Plan for Strengthening Pedagogical Practices here