MYP Curriculum

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) at ISH is an evolving collaborative project including the creativity and expertise of over 30 experienced IB educators. Our teachers regularly meet to develop learning experiences that align with the MYP framework. Teachers aim to ensure deep disciplinary grounding while exposing students to dynamic concepts. All teaching and learning aims to expose students to a range of global contexts.  

Our Values Reflect in the Curriculum

  • Acceptance: The units in the MYP at ISH deliberately aim to promote diversity, intercultural appreciation and inclusion. 
  • Responsibility: The teaching and learning in the MYP at ISH encourages students to take personal responsibility for their own learning. In addition, and primarily through our Service as Action units, we encourage students to take action to improve their local, state and global environments, in all of the ways possible.
  • Caring: The units in the MYP at ISH are designed to help students deepen their understanding of our commonalities and develop empathy for others.
  • Excellence: The MYP at ISH is a rigorous and engaging academic program that prepares students well towards the IB Diploma and further studies.

IB Learner Profile Attributes in the MYP at ISH

At the heart of our curriculum framework is the IB learner. Our curriculum and our advisory program are designed to guide students to develop their IB learner profile attributes. Through learning engagements, regular reflections and opportunities to take action, our student grow to become people who care, think, inquire, reflect, communicate, take risks and are knowledgeable, balanced, principled and open-minded individuals.

IB Middle Years Programme Subject Briefs

There are 8 subject groups in the MYP Programme. The learning experiences through each of these subjects prepare students for interdisciplinary learning and the MYP Personal Projects, the culminating IB external assessment of the MYP Programme. Read more about each subject group through the attached subject briefs.

*The IB reviews and updates subject guides regularly. In 2020, the Mathematics and Language Acquisition guides were updated. In 2021, the MYP Personal Project and Interdisciplinary guides will also be updated. If you have any questions about the changes, please reach out to the MYP Coordinator.

At ISH, students take 9 subjects a week on a block schedule. This is because the majority of our students study the language of instruction (English), the host country language (Danish) and an additional world language (either French or Spanish).

Below, you can view subject overviews for each grade level.

MYP 1 at ISH Subject Overview Videos

MYP 2 at ISH Subject Overview Videos 

MYP 3 at ISH Subject Overview Videos

MYP 4 at ISH Subject Overview Videos 

Students are assessed according to the IB published assessment criteria and have a wide variety of formative and summative assessment tasks throughout the year.

*Course outlines are subject to change throughout the year in the event of major disruptions to the school calendar. 

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Find out more about the nature of the MYP Programme here